• Lusthaus- A Dining Pavilion

    This project was constructed at Cruickston Park in Cambridge, ON. Knowing the park’s biodiversity and cultural significance, our team of 6 designed a space that makes minimal disturbance to the natural landscape. To fulfill such intention, we decided to create a dining experience that solely relies on the force of suspension. A scaffolding frame is set up to be the bones of the pavilion, then the curtain seats are hung from above, hugging the guests. A table full of pickled vegetables, steamed fish and wine is suspended from the scaffolding beams as well. A stove, making made-to-order flat bread, banks the end of the table. The entire platform is elevated from the ground. While the guest is embraced by tall trees and wild flowers, his/her toes are dangling and his/her hands are free, it was a dining experience like no others.