• Ellsworth Kelly Chair

    In American contemporary artist Ellsworth Kelly’s world, the presence of the canvas is more interesting than the marks on it. The ordinary rectangles and triangles present themselves in bold colours and as you stare into their bodies, they start to turn and dance on the floor of the canvas. In other cases, a simple shape is engaged to its negative space, either white or a complimentary colour. The mind, then, is drawn into the spaces of a multi-dimensional world. It is amazing how one single shape and colour could evoke such imaginations. Ellsworth Kelly is a master of shapes and colours. The chair, therefore, is designed to translate the magic of Kelly’s work. It is a play of geometry from a two dimensional surface into a three dimensional world. It is a gesture that provokes imagined perspective. And finally, it is a celebration of the dancing forms. Assembling and Collapsing of the Chair