• Interfaith Chapel

    This project explores the idea of urban porosity and uses it as a strategy to create a platform for open dialogue among a community of various demographics and values. The ground plane is an urban foyer, where one can experience the interfaith chapel without having to step inside the building. Various individuals gather in these public spaces and create opportunities to exchange different cultures and beliefs. Programs of the chapel are arranged according to a hierarchy of spaces. Sacred spaces are the spine of the complex and the supportive programs such as library and administration space are placed in four towers attached to the side of the spine. The two chapels contrast each other in both functionality and character; directly under the reflecting pool and open to the sky, the main chapel is a horizontally oriented space where daylight floods the space and group meditation and prayer is encouraged. On the contrary, the private chapel is vertically oriented and only a sliver of sunlight is revealed in the confined space of self-contemplation.