• Toronto Island Park

    As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto needs an urban landscape that identifies its uniqueness and value. The multiculturalism of the city offers an opportunity to integrate global food cultures into urban park-scape. The design proposes a large productive leisure landscape on the Toronto Island to promote the city’s involvement with its food culture in terms of production, processing as well as tasting. Divided into three main zones, the design provides a recreation landscape on its west shore; community gardens supporting individual city growers on the east shore, and farming fields sandwiched in between. The fields are divided among international farmers according to Toronto’s ethnical demographic ratio. These production fields not only support a market on the island, but also provide essential produce and ingredients to a variety of international restaurants, cafes and bakeries located on the pier immediately east of the island. Torontonians and visitors would travel down to the island for a complete day of food experiences through hands-on activities in food productions while enjoying the taste of international cuisines prepared with locally grown produce.